The Irish Top Songs of 1966 with James Reddiough

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The Late Late Show paid tribute to the development of Country and Irish music over 50 years in recent months. And what of the songs from Irish artistes that made the charts in 1966 and were at number one for some time?

Well there was Lovely Letrim the country and Irish ballad by Larry Cunningham. This was the B _ Side of a Jim Reeves song that made it to number one in January 1966 and remained for 2 weeks at the top spot. Other songs from various genre artistes would make it to number one with varying degrees of success during 1966 when the music scene in Ireland began to diversify after the show band era into country and ballad music and the traditional song too.

There were love songs from the show bands like the Miami and the Drifters and there were rebel ballads and ballads of emigration from Johnny McEvoy and the Ludlows and the Johnsons and from the supremo accordionist himself Dermot O’ Brien who was the most successful Irish Artist for 1966 with the Merry Ploughboy staying at Number one for six weeks. Another rebel ballad that held the top spot for two weeks was The Black and Tan gun and the Royal Blues from mayo had Old Man Trouble at the premium spot for a fortnight also. A romantic number from the movie Dr. Zhivago was Somewhere My Love from Charlie Matthews and the Royal from Waterford City for one week in November 1966. Here are the songs and the dates for number ones from Irish acts in 1966 some fifty years ago.

24th January 1966 Lovely Leitrim for two weeks.

7th February 1966 Old Man Trouble for The Royal Blues for two weeks

28th February Come back to Stay for the Miami for two weeks

28th March Sea Around Us the Ludlows for 4 weeks

25th April Black and Tan Gun for the Johnny Flynn Show band for two weeks

25th July More Than Yesterday for The Cadets for three Weeks

15th August Travelling People for the Johnstons for one week

5th September Pretty Brown Eyes for the Drifters for three weeks

26th September Merry ploughboy for The Clubmen for 6 weeks

7th November Somewhere My Love for The Royal for one week

14th November Mursheen Durkin for Johnny McEvoy for three weeks


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