Remember their names with Pride – Ballina’s Patriot Streets with James Reddiough

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The majority of the street names in Ballina celebrate or commemorate the people who gave their lives for the cause of Irish Freedom from 1798 until 1923. These people either gave their lives during the 1798 Rebellion or else over the period 1920 – 1923 during the Civil War and the War of Independence. Some of them died in action whilst others were brutally killed by Crown or Free Forces from 1921 to 1923. One case in point is young Michael Tolan from Land League lane who was captured, tortured and killed by the Black and tans between the 14th April and 27th May 1921.

It is interesting that when looking for comment on the Good Friday Agreement in April 1998 The Irish Times turned to the republican town of Ballina and this republican tradition is well reflected in the street names since Tom Ruane first proposed this at a meeting of the town council in January 1922 and it was a process that would commence in 1927 and continue in the decades that followed until James Road was named in recent years. Tom Ruane was the commander of the North Mayo brigade and also appeared in these columns some time back the park on the Sligo road is named in his memory.

Here is the list of names of Ballina streets which are named after Patriots:

Healy Terrace, Howley Terrace, Dillon Terrace, Nally Street, Humbert Street

Pearse Street, O Rahilly Street, Tone Street and Tolan Street

Casement Street, Connolly Street

Walsh Street, Barrett Street and Emmett Terrace

Morrison Terrace and James Road

Corcoran Terrace

Teeling Street, Kevin Barry Street, Lord Edward Street

Ferran Terrace, Molloy Terrace, Sean McDermott Street, Roches Terrace, Fenian Row, Tom Clarke Place, Tom Ruane Park

Plunkett Row.

Joe Healy killed in Hollymount in June 1923

Tommy Howley shot in Bunree in May 1921

John Dillon leader of the IPP in 1918

PW Nally died on hunger strike in 1891

Humbert lead the French forces in 1798

Padraig Pearse executed in May 1916

The O Rahilly KIA in April 1916

Theobald Wolfe Tone Died in 1798

Michael Tolan killed in May 1921

Roger Casement executed in August 1916

James Connolly executed in May 1916

Thomas Walsh executed in August 1798

Dr. Barrett executed in August 1798

John Morrison KIA in October 1922

Thomas James KIA in October 1922

Nicholas Corcoran executed in March 1923

Teeling KIA in September 1798

Kevin Barry executed in November 1920

Lord Edward Fitzgerald executed in August 1798

Frank Ferran died in Gaol in June 1923

Dominic Molloy Ballina IRA 1917 – 1923

Sean McDermott executed May 1916

Thomas Roche shot in October 1922

Joseph Mary Plunkett executed in May 1916

Tom Clarke executed May 1916

Tom Ruane O/C North Mayo Brigade 1920 -1923.

Robert Emmett executed in Dublin 1803.

These people played an important part in the fight for freedom over the centuries and it is right and proper that they be remembered in the street names of Ballina and Ardnaree. This year marks a hundred years since the re – organisation of the Irish Volunteers in 1917 following the 1916 Rising and the commencement of the next stage in the struggle for Independence. In this decade of commemoration it is fitting that we recall the people who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

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